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About Us

Elevate Training Lab is an elite functional fitness facility, that specializes in high intensity dynamic style training that caters for all fitness levels. 


Elevate offers group fitness classes 6-days per week!! Get your FREE WEEK TRIAL TODAY!!

Elevate offers a wide variety of classes which include Boxing for fitness, cardio circuits, heavy weightlifting, functional weight training and HIIT training style routines, physique programs and kids sports programs.


With new and improved training equipment, state of the art heart rate monitoring software while you train, no two sessions will be the same.


Elevate offers science based sport specific programs that incorporates strength and conditioning to enhance your sporting performance and personalized nutrition plans to create the ultimate training camp. Specializing in combat sport, Elevate will guarantee an effective training camp that will ensure you reach your fight weight with ease and perform at your optimum on fight night.


Change the way you train and join us today! Membership for UNLIMITED training just $29/week. No lock in contract. 





Want to build the ULTIMATE athletic physique?????


Elevate offers a 8-week lean muscle building program specifically designed to gain mass and reduce body fat over a periodized training routine. 


Four Muscle Project programs are run a year and the program includes:

- 5x training sessions per week

- Nutrition - New eating plan per phase

- Open gym access for any additional training 

- Discount on all other services at Elevate

- A Muscle Project manual to track your progress


Contact to secure your space for the next Muscle Project 



Elevate's PREMIUM Women's ONLY Bootcamp


Want to get fit whilst having fun????


Elevates Women’s Only Bootcamp is the ultimate training program that is specifically designed to sculpt the female physique.


Elevate offers a premium indoor Women's Bootcamp on a monthly bases for ONLY $199.

We guarentee that no two sessions will be the same! The program incorporates various styles of training to get your body into shape. 


Bootcamp includes:

- 3x per week training (Monday/Wednesday/Friday 6-7am)

- Nutriton

- Online coach support 24/7

- Fitness testing

- Body composition testing

- FREE access to open gym


Don't miss out on this popular program and sign up TODAY!