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Athlete Performance Enhancement

Vanessa Motzouris is Elevate Training Lab’s high qualified and experienced sports scientist. Vanessa specializes in athlete performance enhancement and nutrition. Specializing in combat sport, Vanessa has and is currently working with top athletes.


With the use of specifically designed periodization training plans and periodized nutrition plans, you will cut weight easy and perform at your optimum at your sporting event.


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Nutrition Plan


Science has proven that results are achieved with an accurate calculate of energy intake and energy expenditure. Nutrition plans a vitally important role in achieving a weight goal or a specific physique. 


Elevate Training Lab offers premium periodised nutrition plans to help you reach your weight goals. 


Starter nutrition plans from ONLY $120! Contact to book your consultation in TODAY and lets get one step closer to your ideal physique.


All nutrition plans require a consultation 



Elevate Logo was displayed on the big screen at Thunderdome


Sport Specific Training


Elevate Training Lab specialises in sport specific training using a combination of traditional and dynamic high intensity interval training. All sessions are designed to suit your particular sport and the energy requirements of your sport.


Group sport specific training available upon request. Book out Elevate exclusively for your team by contacting



Elevate Training Lab is a premium training facility run by high qualified instructors specialising in sport specific training. 


Enhance your athlete or teams performance by booking Elevate Training Lab exclusively for your team! Available 7 days per week with cardiovascular and strength training available. Instructors will be on the floor assisting your athlete or team with their development specifically tailored to their particular sport or position played.